My Best Italian Business Coach

Business can be overwhelming…

Every day new challenges…

Hundreds of emails…

People stopping you disturbing the flow what you have very well planned for…

How on earth can you be productive in this environment…?

Exhale deeply…

Accept your defeat…

Or Read Further and Start to Use What My Best Italian Business Coach has Taught Me…

Strictly speaking, he was not really a business coach, he was a professor coming up with a theory more than 100 years ago. But its implications come very handy in business on a daily basis.

We are talking about Vilfredo Pareto and his all famous 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of the results are driven by 20% of the factors or elements influencing it.

Ok, but how does it help me to focus?  Very simple! what are the things you do which are directly contributing to the way you measured? make a list of them and put them in descending importance order….  focus on the top 20%, and you will get 80% of the results!

The key to Successful Application of this Principle has Two Main Elements You Need to Keep in Mind!

  1. It applies to almost everything you do…

Numbers, Data, Time, People anything. You have to make sure that you clearly understand what is important for your customer (can be an internal customer or your boss) and figure out how your activities and tasks are connected to it.

Example: You are a maintenance manager at a facility… You are making products, customer deliveries are of main importance to the site… Traditionally you are measured to downtime, MTBF, response time and all sorts. These are all great metrics but I have 2375 machines to take care of…. How am I going to focus….?  Well, you walk up to your friend and ask from what areas they ship-how many products, or what areas make the most expensive products. Put this data in descending sequence and “voila” on the top you have the most important areas for the facility, and focusing or staring with these areas will give you the biggest “customer” satisfaction.

  1. It is not always 80/20

Sometimes you have to bend the rule to make the elephant smaller!

What I mean is that you can choose to start your efforts on let’s say the top 10 things you are dealing with, figure out what can be improved on those and from there the implications… actions can be further expanded to the rest of the items. So you can work with the Top 10 customers and figure out through their examples how to improve the service and then anything that can be applied across the customer base you will roll it out later on.

This means that although you are not addressing the top 80% per say, you will be when you start the rollout later on. This keeps you sain, keeps your efforts simpler…

There are some more pearls of wisdom about this principles so it would be great if you could share your thoughts and experiences and questions in the comments below.


Enjoy the Journey and Deliver the Results!


Best Time Management Question Ever

All of us have 86 400 on our account… Every day… Those are seconds in a day. It is your job to decide how to invest them. So you have to act like an investor, not a gambler. Select not the short term risky gain, but the long-range well-calculated return.

Enjoy the ride and bring the results!

Make This Your Magical Business Monday

How to gain speed and stability in delivering results… Use the Magic Monday

Have you ever asked yourself on Friday afternoon, “Where the hell this week has gone?”. Feeling achieved nothing of importance.

If the answer is no… Close this post right now and write your wisdom how you do it and share it with us.

However, if you did, let me share with you a trick that will change most of your Mondays, and even Fridays to magical ones.

If you ask yourself the question what are the important things I have to work on to make things better in your work or in your life, you know the answer all too well. Give yourself no more than 30 seconds and write down the top 3..5 things coming to your mind.

You would be amazed how good your initial thoughts might be if you give yourself this time limit, also it gives you the power to focus, so you do not list out your entire to-do list.

Beware “urgent” does not equal important! Important is when it will matter on the long run…. For the most part, in most of the businesses bosses are not asking for it every day, they appreciate it when it comes to pay rise, promotions. So, if you want to improve from where you are, you got to make your mark and show that you can make a difference in the important things.

You got your list…? Great! If not… Stop reading right now, and write it down!

OK, so to make your weeks magical, and make sure you make progress on the important stuff, I suggest setting time aside to work on it. Put it in your calendar…. Do not tell me that you have no space! You always have, just ask the question is the thing you have on your calendar more important than the item on your list…. Voila… You can cancel things and decide not to do them, people will not mind if you explain them well.

Here comes the most important part, make it a recurring event. Looking at important stuff only once will lead you nowhere. Just think about losing weight, if you make a new years resolution, go to the gym once… Will that make any difference … No. So make it recurring, will you?

Also to make it more powerful, tell some others about it. Maybe invite your colleagues, your boss, your wife… whatever the nature of the item is. The aim is to talk and plan and do things in that hour that will make the important stuff go forward.

It is magical how much better you going to feel on Friday…. Hurray, I have achieved something this week.

And the good news is, if you stick to this for 90 days or so, so you will be amazed how much progress you have made.

Go ahead, try it out…. Would love to see in the comments things you will work on… Share with me if you want to make a commitment to the world, only the internet will see that

Wish you a magical Monday!

Magical Business Monday