How Can You Involve all Levels in a Company

People are not going to work to do a bad job. Although sometimes you would think it seems that way. But it is simply not true. Sometimes we managers say that employees do not care. Not true…. You have to accept this principle.

To draw the caring out of a team is your job as a manager, so if they do not seem to care, then you failed, not them. How can you then involve them? By asking the right question. We can go back to the basic human needs. There are numbers of theories on how many are there…. But in all theories, once you passed the basic needs for food, shelter, safety and these sorts, you get to the level of Belonging to a Group and Feeling Significant.

So with your questions, you have to achieve 2 objectives:

  1. Bring down the barrier when people feel on the football field and employees vs. Management game is on, and you are playing on the opposite side to them
  2. You need to make them feel important that they hold the key to the problem, together you can solve it

Asking the right questions, telling the right story, providing the right level of information will bring out the desire to solve a problem. You have to be prepared for some period of lack of trust, silence, ignorance and all sorts, but at the end of the day with resilience and not giving up will deliver the desired benefits. People will help you to achieve the common objective.

You do not have to win everyone over, you can focus on a few, the so-called opinion leaders and then once they are on your side than as a small team you can work with the rest of the group.

What you have to be prepared for is that this game is not like football, not 90 minutes. Meeting over and you do not have to care about it any longer. You have to follow up, work with them day by day to make the desired improvement work. You (as one team now) worked out together.

Enjoy the ride and deliver results!


Author: Gabor Gleisz

Internationally experienced manager with a passion for coaching people how to bring the best out of themselves.

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