How To Sell Yourself Made Easy…


Every one of us has at least one product to sell, ourselves. If you choose not to do it, no one else will do it for you. You must value yourself that much, be proud of yourself and sell. Once you start, it makes you feel better, makes you want to do it more, and as any good self-fulfilling prophecy, actually makes you achieve better things… Some will say you improve yourself over time, so will say the universe is helping you. Not really sure, I think it is all of the above. However, you have to make the first step. Why not do it today? In the next 2 minutes while you read this post I will show you what makes it super easy to do on a regular basis.

For most of us, it is not easy and not natural to promote ourselves. Unless you have been trained well in sales, it is not a natural strength. However, you can make your life slightly easier, by preparing a little bit every week, or at least every month.

We have talked about reflections in a previous post (The Friday Game Changer – Reflection Time) It is all logical, when you do that you have to carve out some time to make a presentation page on tracking results, documenting achievements. This will give you the advantage when you have an opportunity, someone wants to talk to you about a project you have done, big boss comes to town, you want to praise your team and thank them for the hard work, or you just simply want to feel good and tell everyone, you already have a 95% ready page to send. Makes making a decision and actually doing the self-marketing easy. We all know well ,we have to do it, but also we can do ourselves a favour to make it simple. (Have to give you a tip…. Writing a post is not natural for me either, if I would have no collection of ideas jotted down…. It would be much harder to create a post topic almost every day)

You say… well, tell me how do you build the communication slide…. PowerPoint, brochure, post whatever. First, start with the message…. The title what do you want the audience to remember. Write that on the bottom of the page. Choose some supporting evidence graphic to communicate the message (PowerPoint has this brilliant Smart Art built in, great for most occasions). Put a few sub-bullets that explain the context…. Job done. What you will find that most of the time, compiling data takes the most of your time. To figure out where to get it from and how, because you forgot to document in the first place…. That brings us to a separate subject(… Which I am now adding to my list of post ideas to choose from. ….) With this type of presentations, the good thing is, that you can reuse them multiple times, update the data, the next month and just remind the audience… look I am still great we are doing a super job.

Page built, ready to show, ready to tell how you add value, how you create a compelling message to yourself and others how good you are!

Enjoy the ride and deliver results!



Author: Gabor Gleisz

Internationally experienced manager with a passion for coaching people how to bring the best out of themselves.

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