The Strongest Magnet in Business


Everyone agrees on setting goals and expectations are the best people management tool ever for performance. I agree with that statement, but how do you maintain the power on the day-by-day basis?  After all, you do not have time to micromanage everyone, nor that you should.

Here is the answer… a line.

I found this tool has a pretty big power of mindset and focuses individuals and teams to achieve the goals. It has its history with the foreman drawing the targets on the floor with a piece of chalk and surprises the performance has improved just by doing that.

So what I am suggesting here is that once you have done your homework and established the realistic goals, and the timeline to get there, you get to draw the most magnetic object in the business world, the agreed target line. It has to be realistic and agreed upon. You can not say to a team that I expect you to perform two times better from tomorrow and draw a target line, you will achieve the opposite. But you can draw a linear line from today to the agreed performance target and make them draw the actual on a daily or weekly basis next to it.

I see this working on a daily or weekly basis in multiple ways. The power is with the line, but magic touch lies in the pre-discussion of goal setting prior to that.

This is an area where you can try it out, can be yourself, plotting a weight loss program chart for yourself and plot the actual reads on a weekly basis (on that front daily would be less of impactful and also discouraging)

The quote is from my favourite corporate leader/inspiration Jack Welch. I had the fortune to meet him a few times while working for his company.




Enjoy the ride and deliver results!




Author: Gabor Gleisz

Internationally experienced manager with a passion for coaching people how to bring the best out of themselves.

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